Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have been so busy, my French lessons have been quite neglected.

Actually, that reminds me of a dear friend who lives in London, who saw a notice in a shop window for 'French and Greek lessons.' She was dating a French man who had a home in the Greek islands, so she rung the number with dreams of impressing her beau with a new-found grasp of the necessary languages.

She was utterly confused by the response she received from the tutor.
"...Then she said 'I don't do women, love,' and slammed the 'phone down."
We pondered this for a while, before I started to laugh.
"The sign in the window," I said, "It didn't actually say it was for language lessons, did it?"

She demurred that she didn't know, and didn't see what difference it made anyway. I pointed out that there was quite a big difference (need I point it out to my filthy-minded readers? I'm sure I don't), but thought the French beau would appreciate the benefits from either type of tuition.

Knowing what men are like, he would probably prefer she learned French. The non-speaking type.


Lita said...

I misread that to say French and Geek lessons. But, I have to admit, yes, I thought that was dirty too.

Ahh, the good ole days when french polishing was called a spade, and spades were called, um, ok, forget it.

Andrew said...

Depends on the guys. Millwall RFC drinking games on Saturday night saw a drunk girl tell a room full of guys she had errm, played Greek and loved it. She got a lot of attention for the rest of the night.

Cactus Kate said...


The Millwall RFC (and the "women" it attracts to its functions) may not be representative of the general populous. Please remember this :)