Friday, June 01, 2007


Let's face it - New Zealand's international image is not one of style and sophistication. Here's why:

Carla Rawson and Kelly Swanson-Roe
at the Sapphire Ball

When our 'celebrities' front up at a ball wearing Dame Edna Everage's cast-offs, one can't help but turn to alcohol to numb the pain. It's also a shame they ran out of time to do their hair. A lilac-rinse would have really finished the look.

Still - we must be thankful that, at the Louis Vuitton VIP night, Mrs Kirkpatrick chose to leave the hot-pants at home. However, I don't think the inflatable life-vest was a good choice.


Randominanity said...

Who is Carla Rawson, and why is she supposedly famous??

Never heard of her

unPC lesbian said...

had a minor heart attack thinking one of those women was the goddess Erica Takacs, but phew saved.

Of course the Gilda'd one had to wear the life vest to show she had purchased the one with the extra bouyancy floats.

Now isn't there some rule about shoes matching something?

golfwidow said...

Good heavens, look at those things. Of course she needed a life vest. With that much saltwater (or silicone, if that's what they used) in her bosoms, she's going straight to the bottom.

Cactus Kate said...

Press release from the Iranian housewife's representative:

"They are not fake, Mrs Kirkpatrick is front woman for a new wonderbra that makes your breasts more marvellous than ever before. Any comments to the contrary will be deemed to be out of order and dealt with in Spy out on Sunday"

Mrs Smith said...

Randominanity - Carla Rawson is someone's girlfriend, which just goes to show how desperate we are for celebs in NZ.

UnPC - Shoes only need to match hand-bag if one is going for the conservative 'up-town' look. The with the 'down-town' look (younger/hipper) this is not a necessity. However, Mrs Kirkpatrick's ensemble is an unknown genre of its own.

Golfwidow/Cactus - Enhanced or not (I say they are), she should put them away before someone loses an eye.

golfwidow said...

If they are real, then just the opposite - she doesn't need a life vest because she'll never drown.

llew said...

I just can't believe that Ian Kirkpatrick is married to THAT!

Anonymous said...

The whole DWTS (god they even have their own acronym!)thing just gives me the shits.If anything defines how fucking third world we are, it is that.
Celebrities my arse.
Nice rack on Gilda though.She might go down but not with the Titanic. Wonder how much the pre nup is? Would have to be good, Jimmy aint young.Shudder.

llew said...

That DOES remind me though, of the google search that swung by SunnyO earlier today, seeking:

"Barbecue aprons with breasts on them"

We seem to have the original model here.

Who TF is she anyway?

madhu said...

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Anonymous said...

She is the perfect definition of MILF, always in shorts, try so hard to shove it all down your throat or in your face if they are not visible without the force of push ups and low cuts and always looking for the one with more money to spare !