Monday, January 14, 2008

Competition Update

Hmmm. Although, perhaps in jest, Lita's comment bothered me a bit, and I realised I didn’t think the details of the competition through very well.

It probably contravenes all sorts of rules regarding internet safety, after all, you don't know who I am or where I live, so why should I expect those sorts of details from you?

So thank-you to the brave few who have ventured forth anyway – but I think I had better change the competition a bit. Nominate yourself for the prize – via comments or email, and I will draw a winner with a bit of eeny-meeny-miny-mo, then forward the winner's email address to the designer, and the two of you can take it from there.

Nice, stalker-free bag


Seamonkey Madness said...

I nominate moi. Well actually my wife.

Although in saying that, Kat Gee should do some designer courier bags for the men. Nothing says says post-metrosexual than a designer bag which isn't a maaaaaan baaaaaag.

wonderferret said...

I nominate me...mostly because I must be the only straight guy in Auckland with a bag fetish and I'm selfish. Unfortunately all of my bags are strictly utilitarian so a fashionable bag would be nice to throw cameras and stuff into.

Stef said...

In the spirit of recycling, I nominate my flat. I promise to share.

Charlie said...

I nominate myself. Have been lusting after these bags for months lol

miss_seph said...

Ofcourse I"m nominating myself! I'm sick of the standard Foodtown Green shopping bags.

I'm also surprised that Trelise, Karen and Denise haven't put out a range of recyclable shopping bags for $879234.95 yet..

Mark said...

I nominate me for a date with Mrs. Smith.

Who wants some old bag, FFS???

sas said...

Nice bag :) Reminds me of a Sainsbury's promotion last year. I remember the canvas bag was the must have pre-summer item. Hundreds of people queued up outside Sainsbury's in Kensington, desperate to get their hands on a £5 bag by Anya Hindmarch, bearing the slogan "I'm not a plastic bag".

Best thing was the parody version, that I picked up at portobello market for £15 with the slogan: "I'm not a smug twat."

unPC lesbian said...

It has to be me......5 days of non stop shopping in Melbourne and I've managed to get ZILCH except for a pair of jeans. I'm beginning to think it's because I'm carrying round the recycled shopping bags in my handbag ready to carry all the new purchases. I think I will leave them behind tomorrow.

Saw the same logo on some oversize T's in Sportsgirl.

You have my details.

Ms Klake said...

I nominate myself. Because I'm not anywhere near altruistic enough to go all noble and consider others more worthy. I'm also finding that those Pak n Save bags are starting to erode my love for all things yellow, and therefore cutting down on my recycling via op shopping for pre-loved yellow things.

Yes, I totally justify my op shop obsession as a service to the planet due to recycling. I'm totally in denial that it has more to do with being A) poor B) addicted to ridiculous bargains. I do it for the planet now.

Lita said...

Oops, I'm causing you bother without even trying now.

I'm really uncreative about these things, and have had to type delete type delete a couple of unworthy dirty suggestions to do with foodtown bags and willies. Wrong Lita, wrong. Yesterday I taught le boyf how to turn off the tap while he brushes his chops. And I also way overuse the saying "Global Warming is not Cool".

Forget it, I so don't deserve the bag.