Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I heard some interesting advice yesterday. Someone was complaining about a woman in her husband's office; the woman worked under the husband, but it seemed clear she had intentions of wanting to work on top of him as well. And perhaps behind, to the side, on a desk, and whatever else. That's not surprising, or necessarily a problem –these things happen, but the problem was that the husband was flattered by the intention.

Mrs N, much older and wiser, asked, "Does this woman come up in conversation much?"
"All the bloody time!" was the heated reply.
"Good," said Mrs N, "then they haven't slept together yet. Invite her over for dinner."

The suggestion was met with disbelief. Mrs N remained serene.
"She won't be able to resist the invitation – she will want to see what she thinks she's going to get her common little hands on. Be utterly pleasant and charming, but cool. Once your husband sees her in the context of his family and home, he'll see how out of her league he is, and nothing ruins an infatuation like a dose of reality."

The tactic is brilliant, but does require a cool head. Not sure I'd have the guts to do it. My strategy is far more rudimentary – I have told Mr Smith that if he ever strays, I shall set the house on fire.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps lessons on French and Greek might cool his interest.

Ex-expat said...

Further proof that the wife always knows. *Yikes*

Annie Fox! said...

Oh and they say married life is boring - what fun!

peterquixote said...

try to pull yourself together smith, who listens to them old girl, what happens is a shag is a shag,
over the office bench ticwe maybe three times day,
and if you burn your own house down well thats just you,

Abbadon said...

try to pull yourself together smith

Look who's talking. It sounds like Peter puffer needs to go on a date with Rosie Palm.