Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Postcard from Dubai

Hello all!

Mr Smith had to pop off overseas for some meetings, so I thought I would tag along. We are currently in Dubai.

I think I need to write a sternly-worded letter to the editors of my travel-guide. With their forbidding imperatives about the various ways Westerners could cause offense in this country, I was quaking at the thought of leaving our apartment, in case my wantonly exposed elbows caused the natives to start looting and pillaging. I really needn't have worried. Dubai is a super place, and almost everyone speaks English, just as they ought to.

I caught a 'Ladies Only' taxi, driven by a lively, veiled woman, who spoke perfect English, swore furiously at the other drivers, and used a vulgar hand signal several times. So much for the stereotype of the repressed Muslim woman.

Also went on a 4WD safari into the desert. And rode a camel. It was fun.

Mrs Smith

P.S. Sorry this was a bit brief, but I have loads more exciting things to do, than write to you lot.


Lisa said...

Dubai? How wonderful. Next time you get on here, fill us in on all the exciting stuff ok? (Minus the camel, smelly beasts, bleech...one hump or two? I know nothing of camels). Some of us have boring lives and are only thrilled out of our wee socks to be hearing from the likes of you.

Oh and I like the style of your taxi driver, she sounds fun lol

Peter McK said...

Camels - don't homeless people smell better? (and one would certainly not ride a homeles person afterall)

Cactus Kate said...

Mr Smith must really love you.

Much to the delight of women like myself, men usually don't take their wives on business trips.

Or did you make him take you this time?

unPC lesbian said...

ooh Mrs Smith I wish I'd known, I have some lovely friends there in the international finance trade. They party well and could have poured lashings of top notch bubbles down your throat and ensured you were safely returned to your apartment. Have sent under separate cover a fab little powerpoint junk mail on Dubai, stunning photography.

Mrs Smith said...

Lisa & Peter - The camel had one hump. And it didn't seem to smell at all (certainly not in a urine-homeless person way), although it did attempt to bite me.

Cactus - I always accompany Mr Smith on his trips (to the exciting places, anyway. I wouldn't bother if it were Wellington, or Australia). And yes - it is unusual. I know of no other wives who do so. I have no idea why he lets me come along. I will have to ask him.

UnPC - Mmmm. Lashings of top-notch bubbles... I wish! I didn't get the powerpoint thingy though?

Cactus Kate said...

It's possibly cheaper for him than keeping you at home?

Or less worrying for him as to what you are getting up to without him?

Mrs Smith said...

Definitely not the former reason (Europe is no time to be frugal! Too many dreamy clothes). Probably the latter, but not for the reasons you may think...