Sunday, April 01, 2007

More Auckland Buildings

Another building I like; the Bauhaus building in Parnell.

I also like the new Auckland City bus-shelters. The designs etched on the glass are iconic images of the city - Rangitoto, the Sky-Tower, the One-Tree Hill monument, and the description, ‘All that low land + high sky + wide water.’ I hate to think how much the glass panels cost to replace, after nasty little hoodlums have smashed them up.

I tried finding out who designed the images - I even emailed the company that makes Auckland’s bus-shelters, but did not hear back from them. I think it rather reminiscent of artist Nigel Brown’s work. If anyone knows, do tell.


Robyn said...

Those bus stops rule! There aren't any around the Eden. It's mainly ye olde historic tram stops.

That design is all over the Auckland City Council's website, so ask them.

Mrs Smith said...

I like the old tram stop ones too, and tried to buy one off the council for my garden (I know it sounds odd, but I had a vision). But to no avail.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Any chance you can take some pics of the Victoria Street carpark, and the Downtown carpark? And publish those next time we get platitudes from the Auckland City Council about their commitment to Urban design? Both carparks feature the tackiest 'slapped on' extensions I've witnessed in a long time

Insolent Prick said...

I used to have an office in the Bauhaus. Freezing in winter, sweltering in summer, the most impractical office building I've ever occupied.