Thursday, November 23, 2006

Popularity (or Lack Thereof)

Oh my. A whole week has gone by, and I have yet to receive so much as one single comment. How utterly dismal, and how completely unfair. I’ve only written two posts, and already I’m better than almost every other blogger. I’ve had a look around. There is some awful crap out there.

Louise from Waikato writes;

Damian is being a good boy. Went to the zoo yesterday. That was fun. I think mum is coming over tomorrow.

Three comments! For a paltry twenty-one words, most of which are one syllable.

Nine comments were written, in response to Lisa's thrilling account of gardening, and cutting her fingernails;

Despite only working for a few hours, I had sore arse and thigh muscles, and my fingers ached due to the length of my nails I think...anyway, I cut them off the following day.

Two options remain open to me;

  1. I could turn word-verification option off, so all the spambots can come running in and play happily together.

  2. Start leaving comments to myself, using a thinly veiled nom de guerre (for those of you who went to a state school, that’s French for ‘made-up name’).

Or I could start writing about cutting my toe-nails.


Anonymous said...

Nice advice to krimsonlake -does that count? Please, no toenail clipping stories.

D_Man said...

Actually, "sore ass" does sound interesting.


Mrs Smith said...

Praise be! Thank-you so much, dear Backin15. I love you long time.

D-Man - I realise now I may have underestimated Lisa. Rereading the excerpt, I realise it is entirely possible she cut off her fingers, not her nails.

Lisa said...

You keep writing like this and you're bound to get more comments. You're a hoot to read.

Oh and yes, I would say you have indeed underestimated Lisa...she's not so bad to read when she really gets going you know lol Well, that's when she can be bothered anyway.

Good to find another Kiwi gracing the blogisphere. :)

Mrs Smith said...

What a jolly good sport you are, Lisa. I shall give myself a thorough spanking for being so naughty to you.