Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The weather has truly turned terrible – the perfect day for staying at home and reading the newspapers. Or it would be, if they weren't riddled with nonsense.

Since when was Millie Elder an "Auckland Socialite"?

When it makes a better newspaper heading, apparently. For fuck's sake, I thought the Dominion Post was above the kind of fictional nonsense that the NZ Herald manufactures.

Speaking of which, Spy columnist Rachel Glucina claims to have a "Masters Degree in the History of Art." I wonder what her thesis was about? There is no record of a Masters Thesis by Ms Glucina on the University of Auckland website, so I suppose my curiosity must remain unabated.

Why must newspapers and magazines come with so much extra advertising crap buried within their pages? I don’t even look at it (does anyone?).

I have decided to buy some shares in Burger Fuel. That is not a hint for everyone else to buy some. I have no idea if it is a wise investment or not, as I couldn't be bothered reading the prospectus.


David said...

If you read the rest of the article, you'll find this at the bottom:

"Another well-known Auckland socialite who appeared in court yesterday cannot be identified."

So the headline really means "Elder *and an* Auckland socialite in court on drug charges".

Besides, if I were looking at describing Millie as a socialite, I'd put a comma after "socialite". But maybe that's just me.

Captcha: "shfia" n. Islamist law for people who couldn't care less. "Under shfia law you should be stoned to death but, uh, *meh*."

d-man said...

She makes me want to smoke P.

Mark said...

$18,500 for a TV? Is there anything on TV worth that kind of investment?

Robyn said...

Millie Elder-Holmes may not be a socialite at the moment, but she could easily use this incident to launch herself as something resembling one.

Anyone who looks that effortlessly fabulous standing in the dock deserves at least some adulation.

Robyn said...

Also, I'm not sure about those Burger Fuel shares. They put out a press release last week saying that sales had massively increased since the share offer advertising started. This makes me wonder how much business they missed out on previously from not advertising and if they'll continue missing out by not doing other things.

Mark said...

Maybe I should take my ass public. I need a massive increase in business right now.

Who's interested in buying a piece of me?

Mrs Smith said...

Maybe it's just me - I thought the heading was sloppy and ambiguous (Is there also a younger socialite due for a court appearance?) I don't see how a comma works at all here. The heading needs an 'and.'

Agreed - Ms Elder could wear a barrel and Crocs and still look good.

Seamonkey Madness said...

Mrs Smith et al: you are wrong.
NO-ONE looks good in crocs.

David said...

Mrs Smith: I hate to appeal to the dubious authority of Wikipedia, but it says it better than I:

'Conjunctions are also often excluded from headlines. In the United States, for example, the word "and" rarely appears in headlines, and is usually replaced by a comma, as in "Bush, Cheney discuss election".'

-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headlinese

But, like you say, it's an ambiguous headline.

Cactus Kate said...

The logical answer Mrs Smith is that Rachel is actually older than she claims and she pre-dates the roll of honour starting in 1990.

Mrs Smith said...

Poohs. Amusement thwarted. I have been informed that an MA does not necessarily require a thesis.

Mrs Smith said...

By the way, David, just because other people do something, that doesn't mean it is a sensible or proper thing to do. Crocs, for example.

Miss Prozac said...

She looks just like her mum... and she only looks fabulous because someone's been feeding her up.

I say if you're going to steal a TV might as well make it a decent one. Good on her. No point doing things in half measures

Next she'll be on the speaking circuit talking about how she turned her life around. Book deal, fame, fortune, yada yada

P.S. Headlines are meant to be misleading...

peterquixote said...

you're kidding