Friday, July 20, 2007


What winter? The weather this week has been quite marvellous. More like spring, in fact.

Bit of a shame really. My fur coats may have to stay in the wardrobe this season.


unPC lesbian said...

Oh Mrs Smith, the bottom picture, so many fond memories. When I returned all dayglo white from my years in the UK I had the luck (stockmarket crash) to spend a summer unemployed and I spent most of my days on that little spot there, as it was the mere briefest of walks from my house. I would swim to the ramps on the boatsheds, and luxuriate in the sunshine with out overheating due to the cooling waters beneath the slats.

I fear now one would want to run a water quality test before venturing in.

Mrs Smith said...

Really! How funny. The water looks crystal clear - and in summer the place is overflowing with elderly swimmers - but not sure if I would try it myself. Good place in summer to sit and read a magazine, if one can block out the view of the old people.

peterquixote said...

fore goodness sakes,