Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The weather is a mindless source of conversation, which is precisely why I am so interested in it. The storm that swept the upper-half of the North Island yesterday was quite dreadful, although in Auckland City the worst thing that seems to have happened is that this apartment block in Newton got its roof peeled off by the high winds.

One is extremely pleased – and astonished – that no-one was harmed.

That’s the roof lying on the ground. Burly men are now cutting the roof up into manageable bits, for removal by crane. I think there is perhaps a little boy inside of all of us, who finds these sorts of things fascinating to watch (I am assuming I am not the only one). Mr Smith and I have often talked about moving to the countryside. If we do, I am going to buy a digger. And a steamroller. Hours of fun guaranteed.

Anyway. A reader emailed this picture to me. Has anyone seen Poppy?

It's far too hideously cold and horrid to contemplate going anywhere. I'm so bored. Where's a steamroller when you really need one?


llew said...

Poppy was delicious!

BTW - this is what you need.

Mark said...

One steamroller, coming right up!

Robyn said...

The way the Poppy poster is written, it sounds like they've decided she's been catnapped and are trying to guilt the thief into returning her.

It also reads a bit like an obituary. Oh! Come home, Pops.

This reminds me of how last summer four separate missing cat posters showed up in Mt Eden Village. I even discussed it with a random man down at the shops.

laughykate said...

Poor Poppy. Kidnapping is so last week.

Jillypig said...

Poppy sounds like a darling. Though I must say I'm glad mine are extremely anti-social. No cat napper could catch them.

I have hears of exotic cats been taken after being shown in Cat Shows. Thieves attend the show and glean what they can as to where these cats live. I hope its more a case of Poppy just popping up the road for a change of scenery.

Mrs Smith said...

Robyn is right - the poster does rather read like those 'personalise the victim' pleas that hostage-negotiators use on TV. Damn you Poppynapper, damn you.

Robyn said...

I'm most concerned about Poppy's boyfriend Iggy.

OMG - do you suppose they were named after Iggy Pop?

peterquixote said...

for goodness sake,