Monday, September 17, 2007


Now for the answers to some of the questions received. Firstly, a few brief responses;

Evad – Yes, but don’t tell anyone.
Mark – A resounding slap for your impertinence.

Now for the more challenging queries:

I have one I have thought about from time to time but never asked anyone.
Butros Butros Ghali.
I mean, why? What was his mother thinking? Is he brother to Butros and Butros Butros Butros?
from Laughy Kate

Dear Laughy Kate,
I googled Mr BBG, and discovered that his grandfather was Butros Ghali, hence I imagine that a repetition of a name is the Egyptian version of 'Butros Junior.'

One hopes then, if this is true, that the Egyptians are imaginative with their name selection, as while eight English Kings called Henry can be readily distinguished by a Roman numeral (e.g., Henry VIII), the equivalent in this case would be Butros Butros Butros Butros Butros Butros Butros Butros Ghali.

Which is silly, but I would expect no less from shifty foreigners.

Dear Mrs Smith
Please tell me what answer to give when people ask "so, what will you be selling?" Not knowing is making me look decidedly unprofessional.
Martha Craig

Dear Martha,
With a business name like ‘Babylicious’ you could try replying, "Baby-flavoured sandwiches." It may not be a very professional answer, but that’s what you get for asking me.

Kia ora, Smithy
Here is my question pour vous:
Legendary Hollywood slutpants Tallulah Bankhead once said, "It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time."
Substituting "blogs" for "diaries", do you find this is the case with respect to how often you update your blog?

Dear Robyn,
I kept a diary until I was nineteen, then didn’t resume jotting down my daily life until I started mon petite blog. Suffice it to say, by observing my own life, it appeared Miss Bankhead was right.

However, to further explore the Bankhead Equation (wherein Goodness correlates to frequency of diary/blog entries), I did some research, and found that in August, I wrote sixteen posts, while in the same month, Cactus Kate wrote fifty.

So I think that explodes that theory.

You didn't answer the question two posts below:
"I heard you like a cock sandwich?"
from Seamonkey Madness

Dear Seamonkey Madness,
A good girl would say "no," a bad girl would say "yes." However, a wise girl would just evade answering.


Evad Rehtona said...

Evad – Yes, but don’t tell anyone.

Your secret is safe, and your style unmistakeable :-)

miss_seph said...

I'd want to know what exactly it is sandwiched in before answering that question for a certainty

Mark said...

"A resounding slap for your impertinence."

I'll take that as a "No", but you can't blame a guy for asking! (which you should take as a compliment!)


Mrs Smith said...

Thanks, Evad.

Miss Seph - let's just say three people are involved.

Mark - I knew it was a compliment, which is why you got a slap. If I had been insulted, I would have brought out a blow-torch.

Robyn said...

Boutros Boutros-Ghali = Boutros, son of Boutros, from the family of Ghali. (Former Secretary Generals of the UN is my pub quiz speciality subject.)

Gary said...

Were you disappointed by the volume of questions? Was there a question you expected to see but didn’t?

Mrs Smith said...

Gary - no, and yes.