Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Deja Vu

Is plagiarism the new black?

To those of us (cough) who aren't on any guest lists to Fashion Wank, it doesn’t look like we are missing much. There is insufficient novelty to stave off the over-whelming sensation of deja vu.

Juliette Hogan's show started in reverse to the usual order, with all her models sent out together instead of at the curtain call. Innovative? Not so much. Marc Jacobs did the same thing for his Spring show.

Deborah Sweeney looks like she is channelling her inner Denise L’Estrange-Corbet, while her gold leggings/leather jerkin outfit looked like a cheap, shitty version of Balenciaga’s S/S 2007 offering.

I don't really need to point out which is which, do I?

Yvonne Bennetti – patent-leather trench coat? Seen it already with Lanvin, Valentino, and a host of others. Fringing? Prada. Stifled yawn.

Left - Lanvin, Right - Bennetti

There are many other outfits that have a distinct air of familiarity, but I can’t remember where I might have seen them.

Our local designers are coming across a bit like school-girls on a budget, who, thumbing through an old issue of Vogue, exclaim, “I could make that!” and whip out their mum's Bernina. While I am not saying NZ designers have been deliberately ripping off other’s ideas (actually, I guess I am), I think this is a bit embarrassing with regards to overseas buyers, who will also, surely, be suffering the same “Haven’t I seen this already?” malaise.

Additional Notes:
Everyone is doing leggings. And smocks.

Designer Salasi wins my prize for ugliest clothes ever.

Holy crap, is that a unitard?


Mark said...

Is a unitard like a fucktard, only androgynous?

Captain Crab said...

Mrs Smith, you are excelling yourself!
Faaaashion week is taken a bit tooo serious by the (bit) players.
Carry on.

Anonymous said...

thankyou. everyone thinks this and is too wimpy to say it in the media. yvonne bennetti is known to show her workroom in hong kong pages torn from uk vogue - and she's heralded as some great designer. grr.

Lita said...

Bravo for stating what we are all thinking. This kit looks tres craft-hour. A friend said she felt sick from the try-hard crazy lighting and funeral music at the Zambesi show on Tuesday, and had to leave before it finished, and that it was a miracle more people weren't nauseous.

Robyn said...

The Salasi outfit on the left is an abomination.

I mean, if makes the model look fat and frumpy, just think how supremely unflattering it will be on women who aren't model-thin.

Or perhaps it's a clothing line for those "Waaa! I'm so fat and ugly! I can't let anyone see me!" days.

Mrs Smith said...

Mark - and a second-hand one would be called a re-tard.

Captain Crab, Anonymous, and Lita: Thank-you so much!

Robyn; Quite right, if it makes a model look bad - steer clear!