Thursday, September 13, 2007

Spiky Red Thing

The sculpture by the Nelson Street off-ramp doesn't do much for me. The yellow tips light up at night, which is slightly pretty, I suppose. It is meant to be a representation of a pohutukawa flower, but rather reminds me of a primary school art project involving pipe-cleaners.

Known locally as "The Spiky Red Thing," it even has it's own My Space page. Spiky Red Thing has 1952 friends! That's more than me, so it just goes to show that there is no accounting for poor taste.

Note: Spiky's friends include Rodney Hide, Aja Rock, and Robyn; shame on you all.


Robyn said...

This is what you need to do in order to appreciate the Spiky Red Thing.

1. Go to K Road.
2. Get pissed.
3. Stagger back along Pitt Street with your hot manfriend who lives in the CBD.
4. When you get to the corner of Pitt and Hobson, look at the SRT and go, "Wow. Look, it's real pretty." It will be.
5. Pash your hot manfriend.

It should also be noted that while I am one of SRT's MySpace friends, Brooke Howard Smith is in its top eight. Awesome.

unPC lesbian said...

yes but it's infinitely better than the old wooden one at Victoria park that looks like a leftover from Wagontrain

miss_seph said...

I hate that spiky red thing. Moreso I hate that our rates probably paid for it.

llew said...

At least you get a red spiky thing for your rates (I presume whatever it was holding up, blew away?)

We get 55 minutes of David Beckham.