Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Forgive the lack of updates – I have been kept v. busy with a distraught friend. She found out her husband is/was having an affair, and apparently part of her break-down required updating me frequently on her current emotional climate. Last week – stormy, with frequent spells of swearing and crying. But I – a true fair-weather friend - was a bit bored with it all, as:

  1. They have only been married two years, so it’s not like the husband has any great sentimental value.

  2. He never got her to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, so if he leaves or stays, she’s not about to end up revoltingly poor, being forced to travel economy-class, and drink methode champenoise, or whatever it is that the revoltingly poor do.

  3. It seems a bit hypocritical, as she’s been having an affair herself for ages (although, officially, he’s just a "very good friend.").

  4. She thinks no one knows about her “Very Good Friend.” Pffft. Hitting the town with a small posse of gay-men friends is quite clever – who would notice another male joining the party? But not clever enough. The gay-men friends are admirable for their loyalty, but not their discretion.

  5. Appeased by the husband’s presentation of a $28K diamond ring, her outrage reduced from a ferocious cyclone to a chilly passive-aggressive breeze, which would seem to bring us back to point #1.


miss_seph said...

but a 28k ring is only about 2 high grade carats? That's not enough to make up for infidelity. Infidelity costs at a minimum 3 carats. From the economy class methode champenoise comment, I'd presume hubby is quite rich, and the 28k is perhaps a few weeks salary? In which case he obviously doesn't care at all...


Mrs Smith, what would your minimum charge for your husband's infidelity be?

Mrs Smith said...

a. It's not the first item of jewellery she has received in this way, so I guess he is paying her off in installments.

b. His painful and gruesome death.

Cactus Kate said...

Where can a girl find a man this stupid?


laughykate said...

So if he finds out about her infidelities, what does she buy him ? 'I bought you a ring, bitch! I want a helicopter.'

Mark said...

"and drink methode champenoise, or whatever it is that the revoltingly poor do."

I think it's called "Thunderbird", actually...