Thursday, December 06, 2007


Today, Dear Readers, you have a special treat - a maths quiz courtesy of another Dear Reader, who I shall call 'Miss Maths';

Metro reports Gilda Kirkpatrick's husband is 43 years her senior.

But in another article they report she is 33 and he is 79.

Now, 79 less 33 is 46 years.

Question: Is Gilda K. shaving a few years off???

A tricky quiz, Miss Maths. Could it be that socialites age in dog-years - one year for every seven human-years? Hmmm.


miss_seph said...

Oh! Mrs Smith - look what I just found in one of these aforementioned articles:

' While she was away, she notes, her husband committed a blunder. He installed a swimming pool. She would have preferred a lap pool. “But boys will be boys, right? Boys always want to be busy. They just can’t wait.” '

Preferred a lap pool!!?!?

Anonymous said...

Could Mr K be telling porkies to the missus about his age.
Anyway "The ladies are slightly older. They make comments about fake breasts. They actually think I have fake breasts and they try to sting me." now who could she be talking about ;-)


Miss Prozac said...

Maybe she went to the Toni Marsh school of accounting?

P.S. in NBR Rich List 2007 she is listed as 34 years and he is 77 years! Either way, I think she needs the number of Miss Prozac's plastic surgeon

Mark said...

Math Period is over. It's time for Sex Education, isn't it???

Anonymous said...

Where has Mrs Smith gone?

Mark said...

Maybe she's in Sex Ed class taking notes and will report to us later?

Mrs Smith said...

IN sex-ed class? Pah! I'd be TEACHING it.