Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Christmas, Auckland-style.

Santa has a cell-phone and a latte, and the thunder-storms and pouring rain have just rolled in.

By the way, the NZ Herald reports;

Auckland also came fifth-equal out of 215 cities on "quality of life", ahead of all Australian cities, and registered less traffic congestion than Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth.

Wellington came a stinky twelfth. Ha ha.


Some Young Guy said...

This Wellingtonian spotted the spelling mistake before you corrected it.

Mrs Smith said...

Smarty-pants get lumps of coal in their Christmas stocking, young man.

Will de Cleene said...

At least that Auckland Santa is more relaxed than the Spooky Winking Santa that appears on the corner of Albert and Queen Streets every year.

D-Man said...

Yes, well Wellington could hardly hope for any better, what with being in South Auckland and all.