Friday, December 08, 2006

Definition: POG

Mr or Ms Anonymous asks, "sorry... what exactly is a POG?" Well, dear Anonymous, do not feel foolish. It is something I made up myself.

Definition: POG (acronym: Parnell Old Girl); member of a tribe of middle-aged women, who hail from the highlands of Parnell. Favourite activities: torturing husbands, redecorating houses, going out for lunch. Can be easily recognised by their distinctive markings; Louis Vuitton handbags, forked tongues, and mysterious scars behind their ears. Favourite breeding places; The Viaduct, Ponsonby Road, large yachts.

I wouldn't advise keeping one as a pet. While they thrive in captivity, POGs are very expensive to keep. A rottweiler would be a suitable alternative.

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