Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Find Farrar© Drinking Game

For several years now, I have observed a fascinating phenomenon. No matter what key words I put into Google, David Farrar’s Kiwiblog always appears in the search results. Hence, perhaps by sheer Google bludgeoning, his was the first blog I ever read (well, skimmed. I always ignore the political stuff).

Yesterday I was looking up something about handbags, and lo! There was Kiwiblog. I began to wonder; were there any search terms at all, which would not include his site. So I tried a few variations (to speed things up, I included ‘farrar’ as a search term - just because I don’t have to work, it doesn’t mean I have all bloody day for this).

I married a killer chihuahua

naked mud wrestling for infants

tax cuts for lesbian penguins

make your own tampon

Lion Red? I'd rather drink urine

whale industry by-products as sexual aids

I have a monkey in my underpants

poor people smell funny

pimp my bicycle

the world's biggest collection of dirty knickers

Astonishing. Thus I have invented the ‘Find Farrar© Drinking Game.’ Type words into Google. If Kiwiblog appears in the search results - drink. A good party game, as everyone is guaranteed to be swinging from the chandeliers within minutes.


David Farrar said...


Mrs Smith said...

Tee hee, Mr Farrar! I am sure no-one really suspects you of having the world's biggest collection of dirty knickers.

Mrs Smith said...

My goodness. Thanks to David's link, I have had a lot of people come to my dear little blog to read this post. Yet not one has been plucky enough to leave a comment. Mindless animals, all of you. Pah.