Friday, December 29, 2006

Mahadeo's Spice & Produce

Mr Smith looked up from his computer. “What’s that nice smell?” he asked.
“Krack,” I replied.
He looked confused.
“You can smell my Krack,” I explained, perhaps unhelpfully.

I have found a wonderful Indian food warehouse (Mahadeo's Spice & Produce, 14 Virginia Ave, Eden Terrace, Ph 09-3774553). They sell a wonderful array of authentic ingredients (for those who can cook), and pre-made foods.

I am not one for cooking, so have become a big fan of the ‘Swad’ range of meals. Most of them are very low in fat. Although it sounds unpromising to say they come in a can, and all you have to do is ‘heat and eat,’ the meals really are as good as you will find in any Indian restaurant. Perhaps better, as most Indian food in New Zealand seems to be dulled down a great deal for the Kiwi palate, and these are extremely hot. My favourites are Dum Aloo, and the spinach and cottage cheese one (the name of which I can’t recall).

The warehouse also has an intriguing range of body care products, including Krack. It’s meant to be very good for one’s feet.


Lisa said...

perhaps unhelpfully?? lol

Oswald Bastable said...

Oh dear!

If it were sold anywhere but the warehouse, maybe it WOULD wind up applied to feet!