Monday, December 04, 2006

La Cigale Farmers Market

I went to the La Cigale Farmers Market on the weekend (69 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell, 8am til 1pm, every Saturday). While there is the usual amount of cack one tends to find at these markets, some things there make a visit really worthwhile. Like eavesdropping on other people’s conversations. For example;

“To say I’m racist is absurd. One of my closest friends is a Tongan!”
“Really? I never knew you were on such good terms with your cleaner.”

Loads of lovely food, with samples to try. A freshly-made French crepe for brunch is nice.

However, in my opinion, one cannot pass the Wenvoe Fine Foods stall (tel. 09 818 9180). Traditionally made jam, marmalade, honey, chutney, etc, to die for.

My absolute favourites; Fig & Ginger Jam, and Vodka-Strawberry Jam (the strawberries are marinated in vodka for six months). A vodka-laced breakfast is always a good way to start one’s day (that may be my epitaph).


Anonymous said...

Lets hear it for racism!

D_Man said...

Do you think I can offload my office stationary at those markets? Or is that more a Panmure markets thing?

Robyn said...

The problem with these markets is they're only open in the morning. I refuse to get out of bed after midday on a Saturday.

Lisa said...

"I never knew you were on such good terms with your cleaner" HAHAHAHA! Loved that.

I'm always saying I'm going to get up and go to these markets...I think I achieve that once a year, and only because one of my friends has turned up to drag me outta bed.

Yes, I actually do have some friends you know lol

Mrs Smith said...

D-Man; I am sure the office supplies would go down a treat. Just call your stall 'La Papier Francaise', or some other pseudo-European clap-trap. It seems to work for everyone else.

Robyn & Lisa; What shamefully lazy girls you both are. It is worth the effort. Go buy some jam immediately.