Friday, May 18, 2007


I have been gone for over two weeks, and nary a word of concern from any of my dear readers! What utter bastards you all are.
Just as well I don’t care what you think, or I might be offended.

Anyway. Here are a few random thoughts.

The latest fashion trend – red, my favourite colour.

Forget about firm abs and perky breasts, fashionistas in the know will be flaunting their well-chiselled clavicles.

My dictionary word of the day is ‘flagitious:’ meaning grossly wicked; scandalous. I don’t know how to pronounce it, but it seems such an extraordinarily fabulous word, I really want to use it, and with my life, I am quite sure I will have an appropriate occasion to do so. Don’t be surprised if it starts turning up in blog posts with annoying regularity.


unPC lesbian said...

Oh no Mrs Smith we've been missing you dreadfully. I have an unfinished post which voices my concern that maybe this time your fab new coat had caught fire with you in it, but then I realised how silly of me, of course you wouldn't be wearing a synthetic fabric.

Funny that you post red pics, I have on my desk a torn out advertisement for a gorgeous pair of red shoes, beautiful shiny red buckle down loafers....I just haven't had time to go visit the local stockist.

Mrs Smith said...

Thank-you, darling. Synthetic! What a thought!

I command you to buy the shoes immediately. They sound delicious.

unPC lesbian said...

Oh Mrs Smith, I'm so disappointed. I went to see the shoes and they have nasty soles on them made out of that beige rubbery stuff they use on the bottom of squash shoes, and it comes up the back of them. Oh ick ick ick.............however.....there was a very lovely red handbag in the shop, and the zip on my last red handbag is broken........

Anonymous said...

oh thank god you're back. ive had nothing to do during study at school :)

Drewcifer said...

tell me about it.. I've been mourning my morning dose of vitriol!