Friday, May 25, 2007


My wardrobe is always a frightful mess. While I am obsessively ordered and neat in all other aspects, my wardrobe is my one exception to this. I call it my "Room of Shame." I have a tendency to just open the door and throw everything in. Sometimes brute force is required to get the door open.

I decided to tidy it up, and now the room looks lovely. My shoes, previously divorced from their partners in disparate corners, are now reunited, in neat lines. Mr Smith walked in, just as I had finished. "I never knew you had so many shoes," he said. I counted. I only have forty-three pairs (not counting trainers, and the slip-on type of shoes that I wear around the house). I don't think that is a lot at all. I imagine most women have loads more.

I did an informal survey. The Baltic Bride claims only twenty pairs! (However, her husband was in ear-shot, so that may account for the modest number. She had told him a jacket she bought was only $1,500, but when he checked the credit-card bill, it was closer to $3,000, so I think her shoe count should be disregarded). Ms W loftily declared fifty pairs, although when I said that trainers and slip-on, jandal-type things don't count, she insisted they did (they don't).

So... how many pairs of shoes do you own?


unPC lesbian said...

oooh, I'm having a hard time figuring this one out. The childs hooves are now the same size as mine so shoes keep vanishing and reappearing, how do I count them, mine/hers? Are Chuck Taylors counted as shoes (high fashion item) or trainers? Do I count the ones I haven't worn for many years but love dearly so can't part with?

Maybe another poll "how many pairs of shoes do you have with matching handbag?"

Where are you jaunting off to this time Mrs Smith?

Stephen Stratford said...

I have a good pair of black shoes, and a scruffy pair of black shoes. That's it. Why would I want any more?

But then, I'm a bloke.

Martha said...

I've got quite a few pairs, but realistically only wear about 7 of them. The rest should probably be binned.

Mrs Smith said...

Secret Squirrel, UnPc. I don;t count sneakers of any description (even Chuck Taylors - I have a couple of pairs). I didn't think to count the "ones I haven't worn for many years but love dearly so can't part with," but I thinnk we should.

Stephen - your comment made me rigid with horror, until I noticed your blokeness. In that case, quite acceptable.

Martha - I have never worn half the shoes I have, so I don't think that matters :)

Dodderyoldfart said...

1 pair work boots
1 pair work gumboots
my gumboots

1 pair 2nd hand sneakers.
(my stepping out shoes)

Ms Klake said...

What I lack in shoes (less than 10 pairs) I make up for with my handbag obsession.

d-man said...

My daughters have over a dozen each. And one of them only just learned to walk!
Do you think they'll grow out of it by time they hit the teenage years?


Drewcifer said...

One should have a pair suitable for every occasion. I see NO problem with having a shoe collection fit to rival Imelda Marcos herself. If one can afford them, one should HAVE them. Pure and simple really. PS. if one CAN't afford them, one should eat less till one can!

Anonymous said...


miss_seph said...

I have approximately 17 pairs of shoes, not including sneakers, but I only ever wear 5 pairs regularly.

The rest I just look at in wonder and think "next time..."