Friday, August 24, 2007


A random assortment of photos I snapped around Auckland City this week...

Tanks on Queen Street.

No - Aucklanders haven't decided to deal to Mayor Hubbard for once and for all. I was told they were there for a parade. I had no idea what the parade was for, but said that sounded like fun, and how I would love to join in the occasion and drive the tank.

Someone informed me later the parade was 'Boobs on Bikes'. That explained why the men giggled like girls when I volunteered my services.

More Component artistry on Ponsonby Road.

The latest L&P campaign, which I thought very funny.

Can't believe it's still legal to make jokes about junk food, the dole, and mothers who can't be arsed cooking (child abuse!).


MikeE said...

Well technically the person who arranged the tanks is planning on dealing with Hubbard once and for all.

Also the same Ape with a boombox stencil graffitti is on New North Road in Kingsland..

Seamonkey Madness said...

Gotta love component. =)

Check out this for more of his and others works.

D-Man said...

Shouldn't that be Fake Boobs on Bikes?

ex-expat said...

apparently this year's parade was just as well attended as the Santa Parade. What does that say about our fair city?