Thursday, August 09, 2007


I'm off the Slimfast, so have had to look to other ways to prevent my thighs taking over the world. The Koreans and the Japanese have the lowest rates of obesity in the world, just 3.2% of the population are obese, as compared to the USA, which comes in a big fat first at 30.6%, or New Zealand at seventh place with 20.9% of the population popping their shirt-buttons (Can we really be that bad? I blame all the Pacific Islanders for skewing the results).

So, I thought the Japanese must know what they are doing, and bought "The Japan Diet, The secret to effective and lasting weight loss," by Naomi Moriyama.

Not only am I guaranteed to be healthier (pah) and slimmer (yes!), but rule number six, is "Be gentle to your food." This translates as cook the ingredients as little as possible. This is excellent, as I can't cook anyway.

However, the price for being healthier and slimmer may be divorce. Mr Smith quailed at the sight of last night's entrée – 'Firm tofu with spring onions,' a title that cleverly summarises the entire list of ingredients.

God knows what he will make of what's on offer tonight – dinner includes sautéed beetroot and miso soup with wakame (seaweed).

Too freaking bad. I’m on to G&T number three and am beyond caring.


Martha Craig said...

Mrs Smith, if Mr Smith leaves you come here and we'll drink G&Ts and eat tofu together. That sounds like just the life for me.

Although I do have some Slimfast left (ie all but the 2 I tried).

Randominanity said...

I lived in Japan for 2 years and came back as skinny as a rake. Not necessarily a good thing as heroin chic is soooo 1994.

Robyn said...

I have a friend who lives in Japan, after growing up in England and then a spell in America. He was at his skinniest as a smack 'n' speed using young 'un in England, and then became a fattie in America. He's since reached a happy medium enjoying his Japanese missus' wholesome home-cooked feeds.

Cactus Kate said...

Mrs Smith,

Go to Les Mills and try Body Pump.

Mrs Smith said...

You're on, Martha. Why did you take only two, by the way?

Randominanity & Robyn - the food's not half bad. Even the beetroot was good.

Cactus - I tried Les Mills, but got scared off by Toni Marsh.

Martha Craig said...

I'm so unaccustomed to having all that energy that I freaked out.

They're sitting in my drawer waiting for a rainy day.

I bloody loved them, and it gave me some cred to tell people I was on the BZP, but also the serious possibility someone might tell the authorities and take mah kiddies off me.

Going to Les Mills is the worst advice I have ever heard. Evil gym. Evil.

unPC lesbian said...

We really LIKE tofu, and I've learnt to cook it in the most fattening of ways, tho I do have pangs of guilt re South American rainforest destruction in the name of Soy crops.

We have "Biggest Loser" competition on at work right now and I've gained 2.3kg, I think I'm going to win!

Marfa, bring your BZP to the next bloggers drinks and slip one into Mr Farrars drink.......guess the rest.....

PC said...

Can I recommend the martini diet?

Don't eat all day, and instead think about dinner and what you're going to eat then. Drink coffee when you get hungry.

Fix a martini when you get home (you always need your martini before eating) and drink it while browsing your cook books. Fix your shecond martinii as yoouu sttartt tooo gavver yaw ingweedieentsshhh...

At this stage you realise that eating is mostly superfluous, and a good night is had by all.

After a week of this, the pounds just start falling off. :-)

Or if you want something less radical, or a the world's best tofu book to flick through over that first martini, you could get hold of Shurtleff and Aoyagi's 'Book of Tofu.' Brilliant. Hundreds of ways to read about preparing delicious tofu. ;^)

peterquixote said...

this is not good smith, you got to pull youself together otherwise mr smith look for asian girl, tell him to ring me, i supply, nice legs,

Mark said...

But will she love him longtime, Peter?

Personally, I think Mr. Smith would be a fool to make that choice.


Mrs Smith said...

What is it you supply, Peter? Asian girls, or nice legs? Sorry, rather hard to tell.