Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The sun showed its face long enough yesterday to make one think Spring might be on its way. I went to the Auckland Domain - one of my favourite places - to just sit and have a cup of coffee. It was really nice.

But then the clouds rolled back in, and it was rather cold and crappy again. I am not a fan of winter at all.


Mark said...

I hate winter too.

I posted a pic of what loos to be the same type of butterfly today, too! Synchronicity, innit?

laughykate said...

Spring.....bless....isn't it a delight? That is, until a bitter southerly blasts through and reminds you that it's actually still fucking winter. I'm also on Team Hate Winter. I really wish we could call Maui up and get him to drag this country about two thousand ks north.

Robyn said...

Winter is good because you get to buy a winter coat and pretend for about a week that you live in London.

ex-expat said...

you blogged too soon. the rain and wind are back.