Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Attention, Ladies!

While I am not at all keen on Trelise Cooper's designs, as a self-proclaimed maven of information about all sorts of Auckland stuff, I thought I should let my dear readers know that Ms Cooper is having a sale; nothing over $100.

This week only... Friday is the last day to snaffle up any bargains.

Location: 8 Lion Place, Epsom (just off Khyber Pass)
Hours: 9am - 8pm

While I wouldn't touch the rest of her clothes with a five-kilometre bargepole, I did end up spending almost $300 on lingerie. Silk knickers are marked down from $95, to a paltry $15!

It may pay to bring knee-pads and other protective gear. Some of those Remuera matrons are vicious; I got cornered by a particularly rabid one with a baby-stroller.


Cactus Kate said...

Is Lion Place a residential home or part of the brewery?

I say this as you would have to be pissed to buy anything of hers for reasons I have previously mentioned relating to birds and scarecrows.

Mrs Smith said...

I know, I know. I feel the shame. But anyone else going to buy lingerie will be out of luck. I bought all the nice stuff, and there's nothing left but the mad polka-dotted can-can knickers.

llew said...

What? Mad polka dotted can can knickers are not nice?

Mrs Smith said...

Llew - not at all nice. The last thing any woman want is the extra girth that piles of ruffles will bestow upon one's hips. I'm not at all sure having a bum covered in spots is a good look, either. But each to their own.