Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Beer, Lies, and Bikini-Models

It was Auckland Anniversary Day yesterday, so Mr Smith and I thought we would watch the regatta from Devonport. It had poured with rain in the morning, and the city had achieved a wet and sloppy 96% humidity, but by the afternoon it was lovely. We sat outside and drank beer at the Masonic Tavern (29 King Edward Parade, Devonport), which had a panoramic view of the harbour. I can recommend it as a very relaxed and low-key place to spend an afternoon.

Bikini-model Vicky-Lee and boyfriend Scotty Rocker obviously thought so too. I have met Vicky-Lee a few times before, but unfortunately she is a thoroughly nice girl, so I have nothing of further interest to say about her.

A Thoroughly Nice Girl

Thoroughly nice girls were lacking in abundance at Mrs S’s afternoon party. After the initial air-kissing storm blew over, the women settled down to the serious business of pretending to eat and ripping the shreds off each other. The men settled for stuffing their faces and talking about the cricket.


"His nickname for her is 'ponchik.'"
"It's Russian for doughnut."
"Oh. Is it because she’s cheap and has a big hole?"

Muffled laughter.


d-man said...


Mrs Smith said...

D-Man; I'll try to run in to bikini-models more often, just for you.