Thursday, January 25, 2007

Google Searches

Some people do seem to throw random phrases in the great, gaping Google maw. One can only wonder what it was they really wanted to know. One's site-meter displays fascinating, yet puzzling, results.

The person who came to my site via Google, using the search phrase trelise cooper favourite dinner, was no doubt disappointed by the lack of pertinent information. However, by the look of Trelise, I would say she is not a fussy eater.

Why would anyone want to know about toni marsh smoking? Unless she's on fire, I don’t see how that could be remotely interesting.

However, the searches for starving child louis vuitton stencil, and exercise for fatties, leave me speechless. And that I rate so highly in such searches is decidedly unsavoury.

Update: 26th January: Here's another one, for SELF MADE MASTERBATORS. The author's use of capitals denotes some degree of urgency. Ugh.

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