Monday, January 29, 2007


I have decided to use some of my spare time to write a book. I have the entire plot in mind, and have already written the first chapter (it is only one page, so is not such a grand achievement as it may sound). My book will be a murder-mystery, and I'm putting thinly-veiled versions of everyone I know into it. I am, quite naturally, the main character; however, I have already killed myself off on the first (and only) page, which is probably not a very nice thing to do to oneself, but I died in very torturous and painful circumstances, which was quite exciting.

I do have an annoying tendency to never finish anything I start, so please no-one hold their breath waiting for editions to hit bookshelves. Having carelessly killed myself off, I wouldn’t like to be held accountable for anyone else’s demise.

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