Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Mr Smith wants to buy some art. I told him to get this work that I saw last year at the Michael Lett gallery, by painter Seraphine Pick.

Imaginary Friend, by Seraphine Pick

Love love love. Want want want. Pretty please.

But Mr Smith wasn't keen, and baulked at the $20,000 (or whatever it was) price tag. I told him I would look for something else, so I hit the Karangahape Road galleries this afternoon.

At the Starkwhite Gallery, I found this sculpture, 'No Exit,' by Glen Hayward.

It was $1,850, which I think is quite a lot for a toilet seat, but a better deal than the goat skull which was $3,000.

However, a bargain was to be found upstairs, in a work by painter Nick Austin. Only $650. Yes! It is a newspaper.

Yes! It really is only $650.

Further down the road, at ArtSpace, Elam art students were having a “time-based art exhibition” called 'Vegetable Memory.' There was a video of someone riding a horse.

I was rather bored by this stage, and gave up. I did buy some really delicious Indian sweets from Rasoi Vegetarian Restaurant across the road, though, so the day wasn't a complete waste.


brenda said...

I can recommend the art section on TradeMe. Some great artists, bargains to be had - and if not a bargain then the thrill of the auction ;-)

unPC lesbian said...

Gosh Ms Pick's works have rocketed in price, check out the stuff by the Cotton boy, but I think he's heading up there as well.

Oooh my Indian sweet shop has gold and silver leaf decorated gooodies...you could have got some of that to torment Mr Smith with!

Stephen Stratford said...

I babysat Seraphine Pick once, in Russell I think it was. She was a lovely toddler, but I had no idea she would turn out to be be such a good painter. Couldn't really tell from her childish daubs. Maybe I should have nicked one.

Oswald Bastable said...

2X COPIES OF BOOKS ONE & TWO of Meddlers in Time (proof edition)for sale at far better prices!

One copy only now- the first one solf tonight!

Ms Klake said...

I remember when I first realized that with a little application and bullshit I too could become a famous artist. I was browsing a gallery in Wellington. The exhibition consisted entirely of old jigsaw puzzle/game box lids with little photocopies glued to them.

I figured if that was worth a couple of thousand dollars then my doodles should be worth something too.

d-man said...

I can probably flick you some D-Girl or Baby Ginge art for $50...

Leo said...

The curator at Starkwhite gallery needs to be shot. Pure baloney. Ironically, a slice of baloney would probably be worth more..