Thursday, June 07, 2007

Poll: Update

Dear God. I just checked my shoe poll. Thirty-nine percent of my readers own fewer than eleven pairs of shoes! Ugh. I am definitely attracting entirely the wrong kind of person. All of you go buy some bloody shoes before I have to enforce a dress code.


Jillypig said...

But shoes are so gosh darn boring. I resent shelling out for shoes. It's like having to buy tampons, a necessary evil.

Now handbags, thems be another matter.

llew said...

I have 7 pairs of shoes, but I only wear 4 of them, including my trusty Ugh Boots.

However, ask me how many barbecues & flashlights I have!

Glassboy said...

In my experience there's three types of women. Those that have less than 15 pairs of shoes and don't really care about shoes. Those that have between 15 and 30 pairs of shoes, who love buying shoes but only ever wear three pairs (which they replace like for like). And those with more than 30 pairs, who actually wear more than 3 pairs.

Seamonkey Madness said...

Did you ever consider than the people partaking in the poll don't have a vagina - hence the low shoe count?

Oswald Bastable said...

I make the minimum if I count my four pairs of gumboots.

Mrs Smith said...

Jillypig - I kind of agree. Handbags can be as foolishly whimsical as one wishes, but shoes have to be at least slightly practical.

Llew - go on. Do tell. As an aside, how many flashlights could one possibly need?

Glassboy - I think that is extremely perceptive.

Seamonkey - No, I didn't.

Oswald - Gumboots are good. Black goes well with most outfits ;)

llew said...

"Did you ever consider than the people partaking in the poll don't have a vagina - hence the low shoe count? "

Heh. Seamonkey, most people, men & women, wear them on their feet & so you're probably the only one who considered this point.

Glassboy said...

What's having a vagina got to do with it? I don't have one (of my own that is), but I have more than eleven pairs of shoes. I have five pairs of DMs alone, including my first ever pair, which I doubt I could ever bear to throw away. Oh for a decent DM resoler.

Cactus Kate said...


There are 15 pairs in my suitcase(s) right now almost ready to fly back to Hong Kong.

Who are these people?

george said...

To blazes with your little strapped numbers exquisitely shaped from some reptile's hide. If the brand is not Scarpa, Meindl or Raichle its not worth a tin of fish.

Seamonkey Madness said...

Llew - jolly good call old chap. Although I daresay someone in the XXX industry has invented something like it already.

Glassboy - see here for my opinion on your comment.

Current shoe count:
1 - classy formal black shoes.
2 - semi-casual brown shoes for work/town.
3 - same as above but black
4 - trainers
5 - chandals

Thats all you need. Formal, work/play(x2 if you're pedantic like me), gym and summer.
And none of this fucking 'croc' shit EVER.

Nicholas Gavey said...

Other than sex, did you think poverty may be a reason why some of your readers have less than fifteen pairs of shoes. As a poor student, my mind is willing, but the bank account is weak.