Thursday, February 08, 2007


After yesterday's post, I received a tersely worded email admonishing me for encouraging eating disorders. At least, I think I was being admonished. It was rather hard to tell, as the author's meaning was buried under a veritable avalanche of capital letters, phonetic spelling, and a complete disregard for full-stops. That someone so profoundly dull-witted and illiterate appears to be a regular reader of my lovely blog, was quite off-putting. I had hoped to attract a much better class of opponent.

I am not infallible. One of my most appealing traits is a capacity to acknowledge I might sometimes be wrong (although, thankfully, I never am), so I read my post carefully. I do not see how it could be construed as encouraging eating-disorders. To think otherwise is pure silliness.

Nonetheless, dear readers have left some interesting comments (except for the one by Cactus Kate which was unsurprisingly rude. Only she could swing the topic of anorexia to oral sex in a single sentence).

As I never tire of my own opinions on everything, I shall share my theory on eating disorders. As soon as I think of one.

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Amanda said...

Since when has telling the truth being encouraging eating disorders?

Just some fat bitch feeling left out.