Sunday, February 11, 2007

Friday Night

We parked the car, and walked towards the Viaduct. There is a point (just having crossed at the lights), where nothing of the riotous activity of the Viaduct can be seen or heard (from Quay Street you would hardly know it was there), until one turns the corner. Then one is confronted with the sheer mass of people; and the roar of the crowd on a busy Friday night is like a football match. There was a small group of girls walking ahead of us, and we caught up with them just as they reached this corner.

They stopped dead in their tracks, and surveyed the thronging bars and restaurants in silence.
"Oh God," said one. "Everyone will be able to tell we’re not Aucklanders by the way we're dressed."
They stood, unmoving, in glum silence.

I gave them a quick once over. They looked fine. Not remarkable, but they weren’t wearing gumboots or polar-fleece, or clothing smeared with sheep-pooh. Nothing that would excite the crowd to point and stare, or shout, "Huzzah! Non-Aucklanders! Let's throw them into the harbour!"

It makes me wonder how many New Zealanders are unnecessarily intimidated by Auckland. And why.
We haven’t thrown anyone into the harbour for simply ages.


Lisa said...

God you crack me up woman lol

I will admit that I was intimidated by Auckland itself and the damn motorways. Every single time I drove in the City I got lost...I have no idea what possessed me to take the kids to Auckland for a holiday a couple of years ago! lol

As far as the Aucklanders themselves were concerned, I didn't feel they were any different from us Wellingtonians (and here I expect to get a right royal bollocking haha)

Loved the Skinny 'series' and your letter to Deborah...especially the Bugger Off at the end. Surprising though, thought you were far too high and mighty to use such language (oh, actually that's not true, I do recall the word cunty being used on here at one point! lol)

Cactus Kate said...

Blatant over-use of "lol" in that Lisa.

Withdrawal and apologise.

Seamonkey Madness said...

The girls in Auckland are nothing compared to the girls in Cardiff. Wa-hey! 4°C and pelting down - they're out in mini-miniskirts and boob tubes.

When I went out in Auckland it wasn't too intimidating at all. Soul bar is much less classier than Kate has made it out to be - cheapest beers on the Viaduct nearly - cheaper than Wellington at any rate!

Cactus Kate said...

Class is not related to price Seamonkey.

It's the only place in Auckland I have ever seen a girl bounced for being underage and wearing a too short skirt.

stef said...

presence of a boob tube and mini skirt does not indicate presence of class.

I do like the idea of throwing random non-Aucklanders into the drink. The question is who?

Mrs Smith said...

lol, Cactus.

I think the first batch of non-Aucklanders we throw in the drink, should be Cardiff girls, and anyone in boob tubes and too-short skirts.


Seamonkey Madness said...

"Class is not related to price"

I didn't infer that it was Kate.

However I was surprised that for all your trumpeting of how classy Soul is (which it is - land developers and their well-dressed trophy hussies abound), the beer cost $6.50, which in Wellington establishments on prime real estate, is cheap.

(I think I just repeated my point, but used different words - wierd)