Friday, February 16, 2007


I do so hate it when people go to great effort to make ordinary sorts of things 'European.' While I am sure they think they sound terribly sophisticated, I think it makes them seem tragically middle-class. For example, one of my friends pronounces 'croissant,' in a terribly affected, French way - 'Kwa-saw.' It sounds alarming, like she is coughing, rather than ordering a pastry.

I called into Pandoro. I saw a courgette muffin.
"I'll have one of those, thank-you. A courgette muffin."
"Zucchini," she corrected.
"Courgette," I said.
"We're an Italian bakery," she retorted, "so it's zucchini."

I wanted to say that Pandoro is not an Italian bakery. It is a suburban bread-shop overlooking a Foodtown car-park. I wanted to add that in my experience, bakeries in Italy do not usually stock mince pies.

I discussed this later with a friend. A snob is someone who thinks they are better than other people (which I do, because I am), so we decided that as I look down on other snobs, this must make me the Ultimate Snob. A Snob-Snob.


llew said...

Those savoury muffins from pandoro are great!.

You know what I hate? (Just to take this to irrelevant parts).

I hate sticking an "e" on the end of words to make hem sound archaic. I hate the nonsense word "Ye" because I am convinced (possibly erroneously - it's been a ling time since my Old English lectures) that the "Y" in "ye" is not a "y" at all, but a "thorn" which no longer is a part of the alphabet, and used to be pronounced "th".

I therefore truly loathe all Ye Olde Shoppes and all who sail in them!

MikeE said...

Or worse.. it could make you a commoner.

Auntie said...

I believe Peón has a far more sophisticated ring to it.

Auntie said...


Martha said...

I'm a snob who other snobs look down on, because they don't know how much better I am than them because of their inherent snobbiness.

It is a bloody trial.

And no, I can't write proper.

Mrs Smith said...

Oh dear. I have been called common in two different ways! I never realised that pretentious affectations were so beloved by the masses.

stef said...

Actually what's worse is at the other end of the spectrum, people try to out do each other in being not being snobby.

I've lost count of how many bloody conversations I've had with stupid fucking hippies who proudly proclaim to be 'travellers not tourists.' They then begin to bore with tales of how they stayed in some flea-infested shithole for $2 a night to 'immerse themselves in the local culture.'

My reply is always the same. Their experience is just as 'authentic' as the average package tourist. It's just we don't get lice at the end of our trip.

Oswald Bastable said...

Quite right- you are only a snob if you have the delusion of being better!

If you ARE better (and we KNOW we are!)we are not snobs.

Not that we would care what the earthworms 'think'...

Dodderyoldfart said...

Speak for yourself Oswald.
I frequently discuss meaningful things with earthworms.
They will get you one day ....

Charlotte said...

Omigod. The Kwa-saw thing has to be the most annoying pretentious habit ever. I am no longer seeing someone because they couldn't stop themselves from putting on a ridiculous french accent whenever they said croissant.