Wednesday, February 21, 2007


As a woman, I am expected to take infinite interest in people’s children, and I have learned to fake this interest very well. Although, I do admit, some babies are genuinely very sweet, until the moment horrid substances and noises start coming out of either end.

Anyway, the screen-printed t-shirts and accessories on the Babylicious website are so appealing, they would probably distract one from the pooh and the screaming.

Some of the t-shirts are not only cute, but are also instructional.


Martha said...

Oooooh, would it be inappropriate to say "I love you"?

Anonymous said...

Are you and Martha the famed Lower Hutt blogger one and the same?

Martha said...

What the rolly does that mean?

I'm not the famed Lower Hutt blogger, unless I've found some secret fame I'm unaware of.

Mrs Smith said...

Dear Anonymous,
Using that logic, I am also a member of Nouvelle Vague.
Au revoir,
Mrs Smith

d-man said...

Whiskey = bad? Huh. Go figure.

Martha said...

oooh, I get it. I'm you! Fab!

Very hard work it is. I have to keep flying up to Auckland and checking out cafes and sales and landmarks, instead of printing thousands of little shirts and ferrying children around.

All because blogging pays so well.

It is so obvious now.

Mary West said...

Love the link to Babylicious. The Mysterio shirts are fantastic.