Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nouvelle Vague

I like this album. It is an album of punk songs, performed in a light-weight, jazzy style. I admit that I am wholly ignorant of the original versions of almost every song on the album, which probably means I have missed out on some terribly intellectual irony of reinterpreting punk in this style, but I don’t care.

However, the tunes are dangerously catchy. I caught myself singing (under my breath), "Too Drunk to Fuck," while rifling through the sales-racks at Smith and Caugheys on Monday. The chorus is unambiguous; no more than several repetitions of the title. A fellow customer shot me an odd look, but didn’t say anything. It really is my favourite song du jour. Mr Smith is relieved. I think he had tired of my 'Forever In Blue Jeans' (Neil Diamond) phase.

Thankfully, the rudeness of the aforementioned song is what has probably saved this album from being on high rotate in every cafĂ© in the country. Mummies don’t want their little treasures ears being assailed by such filth while sipping their fluffies.


llew said...

Over summer there was a show on National Radio hosted by Simon Morris & Phil O'Brien, it seemed to be dedicated to weird cover versions of songs. Each day they closed it with one of the myriad versions of stairway to heaven - the most baffling being one that was a mashup of the overwrought song & the theme to Gilligan's Island - pure gold.

Other highlights - AC/Dixie, a dixie band committed to reinventing all of AC/DC's hits

- Some band I can't recall who rerecorded the entire Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club album in 1950s lounge crooning style - Day in the Life stood out on that one.

- Australian Crawl's James Rayne murdering Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights.

It's amazing what's out there....

Auntie said...

Yes, I loved the country version of back in black.

Great post I.Vice. Made me smile.