Monday, February 19, 2007

Aotea Square

I went into Queen Street today, to go the the Smith and Caughey sale (great deals on lingerie, ladies!). I noticed a field of sunflowers planted in Aotea Square.

I think it rather nice, even if not everyone approves. Sunflowers are better than the less aesthetically-pleasing homeless people.

For starters, sunflowers don't smell of wee.


Oswald Bastable said...

And the Sunflowers will attract birds- not blowflies!

Auntie said...

Rumour has it Lord Mayor Hubbard waved his royal hand and decreed 'there shall be colour', and lo, there was colour. Somewhat delayed with 2007's summer weather patterns, but colour non the less.

So well done Mayor Hubbard. Alongside fixing the stinking shit heap that is Queen Streets ancient sewer system.

Rick said...

And turning sunflowers into margarine is respected by everyone. You try and make homeless people the basic ingredient and everyone looks at you as if you're some kind of misogynistic creep.

I'll never understand that.

Ms Klake said...

Am I the only person who loves the homeless people?
I think they make for excellent photo opportunities, and as soon as I get a good camera I'm going to make it my mission to take lots of 'artsy' photos of homeless people. When they're not looking of course, because I wouldn't really want them to notice and touch me or something.

Mrs Smith said...

Sunflowers: No blowflies, look pretty, margarine potential.

The Homeless; 0.

I see a winner.

Klake - don't be afraid of them. I'm sure they are far too undernourished to run very fast.

Mark Broatch said...

I just have a thing for grass. We could even have a special area for the homeless to loll in.