Friday, February 16, 2007

One Tree Hill

Driving past One Tree Hill the other evening, I realised I hadn't been up there in years, not since the tree had been removed. So I made a wee detour.

I had forgotten how beautiful the view was.


llew said...

Who on earth is Gilda Kirkpatrick? She related to Ian?

Mrs Smith said...

Don't worry, darling. If you don't already know, you don't need to.

George said...

One Tree Hill; isn't that the place where a deranged but incompetent bushman failed to fall a single isolated tree [on a downhill lean at that], got his saw stuck and his ass arrested?

Much humour to West Coasters, most of whom could drop a rata efficiently by the age of 10.

Your photo is a pleasant juxtaposition to the image conjured up by your prior post. The presentation of something that looked like a blow-out in a truck tire while it's owner chugged plonk would make the stoutest heart quale.

Cactus Kate said...
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Cactus Kate said...

Mrs Smith

You really need a job don't you?

Mr Smith could pay you to blog all day. You could be New Zealand's first professional blogger.

Mrs Smith said...

George - I too thought the photo a much needed respite from the horridness of the previous post.

Thanks, Cactus. I made the suggestion to Mr Smith, but he only laughed nervously. I'll interpret that as a 'no.'