Monday, November 26, 2007


Found this test at lovely Lita's.

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How fab am I! Seems wagging all those English classes at school did me no harm.

And if you don't like my blog, it's because you are dumb.


Lita said...

Postgrad! Reading you is tres educational.

Anonymous said...

haha well done cactus kate is only Elementary School

D-Man said...

I like your blog. So that makes me smarterer than those what doesn't.
Crazy, Yes. Dumb, No!

Ms Klake said...

I like that I've officially gained IQ points by reading your blog.

That little widget says my blog is only 'high school', which makes total sense, but I'm not going to advertise the fact.

Anonymous said...

But you didn't get a Genius rating!

Dumb test anyway, since it is easy to make something hard to read.

Mrs Smith said...

Glad I didn't get that rating, Anonymous! I would have died instantly from the shock.

Robyn said...

It's going to be analysing vocabulary, rather than whole sentences. So if you endeavour to use lots of big words rather than try to keep it simpler, you'll get a higher education rating.

(Yeah, I got "elementary school" for my blog.)