Monday, November 05, 2007


The demure Cactus Kate draws one’s attention to the naked pool-side frolics by New Zealand’s favourite scr...apper, Aja Rock. I am reminded of a certain lad-about-town, who had a fondness for dating strippers (well – why not?). However, he didn’t like taking them to clubs or bars.

"You can't take them anywhere," he would grumble, "without them wanting to take their clothes off."
His expectations, I think, were wholly unrealistic. Strippers, not dissimilar to Pavlov's dogs, are conditioned to perform under certain circumstances, such as when a (musical) stimulus is supplied.

One then should not be surprised by Miss Rock's public nudity. However, I'm more interested to know what happened when six men stripped down and jumped in the pool with her. Thinking again about prior-conditioning, you know, from a purely scientific perspective.


llew said...

It is true, strippers get lewd on the dance floor at the drop of a hat & pretty soon they're surrounded by hopeless business men deluding themselves they're about to get lucky.

Mark said...

Typical. You entice us with promises of photos of nekkid antics and all we get is a bikini pic.

Oh thee humanity...

Anonymous said...

Actually Llew,more like at the drop of $2 and $5 notes...Or did you mean Llewd on the dance floor?
Strip bars can be fun. Never saw the sense in lap dances though. Too frustrating.
Still young D Southcombes parents must be proud. not.