Wednesday, November 07, 2007


It's Movember, the one time of year that men can grow a moustache, and not look a fool.

Every year in New Zealand 2,656 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 600 die of the disease, making prostate cancer the second largest cause of male cancer deaths, after lung cancer.
Not only is prostate cancer not at all nice, a diminishing male population means less men to buy me presents and champagne, so even if you don't wish to grow a soup-strainer on the old visage, I do insist that all men go for yearly check-ups of their man-bits.

Seriously - my father has prostate cancer. The doctors are very optimistic that all will be well, as it was caught early.

Anyway, I don't much care to write about politicians, as I would rather write about people who really matter, but I do wonder about the mental fortitude of our Prime Minister;

In response to early Guy Fawkes celebrations,
Helen Clark said the noise of fireworks in her home suburb of Mt Eden was horrific on Saturday night.

"Last night in my suburb, I felt as if I was in downtown Kandahar [in Afghanistan]," she said.
Horrific! Kandahar! Oh my! Helen has rather let the (female) side down. Would a male leader react this way to the sound of traditional community festivities? Imagine if Winston Churchill had thus quailed at the high-spirits of rowdy morris dancers;

"The noise of the co-ordinated foot stomping was horrific. I felt as if I was in downtown Gallipoli," etc, and then called for all handkerchiefs and clogs to be banned.

Downtown Gallipoli

I suggest Ms Clark invest in some ear-plugs, or else have a lie-down and a large gin, and let someone less sensitive take the reins for a while.


Anonymous said...

I bet Helen likes seeing Judith wear a "moustache".

SiMo said...

Best of luck with your Dad. My father died early as a result of cancer so I sympathize with you and hope your father lives a long and happy life.

As a result of my fathers death I'm a strong advocate for Mens Health and like many others this year I'm Growing the Mo for Movember.

I've gone for a biker look but its worrying me that its to mean looking and not very sexy. What do you think?

Mrs Smith said...

Anonymous - your comment provoked simultaneous responses of amusement and nausea.

Simo - Good on you! I think all 'taches grown for Movember are sexy, unless you are a woman, in which case it's just creepy.

Lita said...

Ugh, I hate movember, although anything that gets those stinky boys talking bout their stinky bits and taking medical action is a good thang. I just hate seeing facial pubes unnecessarily.

My papa also had P cancer, and it was caught early enough too. Kapai us and our clever (lucky) daddies.

Mark said...

Sexy is as sexy does. :o)>

Best to your father, Mrs. Smith, and I hope he has a complete and speedy recovery!

Robyn said...

Helen should shut her mouf and get out of Eden Valley and try living at the foot of Mt Eden.

Every year people go up Mt Eden and let off fireworks, which then echo all around the 'burb. It goes on right into the night.

But instead of complaining and comparing it to Afghanistan, I do the earplug thing and count my blessings.

llew said...

Wow, how weird - someone'
s put Sgt Pepper's on the stereo here - I clicked on that Sexy is as sexy does link JUST as John Lennon opined "I am the walrus".


Mark said...

I made that happen, llew.

For you.


Mrs Smith said...

Lita - Ka pai indeed! "stinky boys talking bout their stinky bits." Good slogan for next years Movember?