Sunday, March 11, 2007

AK07 Fireworks

Last night, the Auckland Festival, AK07, officially opened with a fireworks show at the Auckland Domain by acclaimed French fire artists, Groupe F. The Auckland Festival website promised that “this will be a night that lives on in your memory for many years to come,” which I think was pushing it a bit. Unless your life is tragically devoid of sensory stimulation, I don’t think a few fireworks makes for a lifetime’s memory.

Nonetheless, good fun. I recorded a tiny bit of it on my cell-phone. Please do turn the sound off on your computer if you watch this. For some reason, the appreciative noises from the crowd sound disturbingly like demonic screams of anguish. But then this is Auckland, so perhaps they are one and the same thing.

The fireworks were most artistically done - not the usual crass crash of colour and noise, but delicate, like lace made with light. They reminded me of the dancing water-fountains at the Las Vegas Bellagio.


Martha said...

Those Bellagio fountains made my eyeballs fill up with tears, they were so lovely.

People look at you a bit funny if you tell them though.

Barnsley Bill said...

Bellagio......... delicate lace made with light. Perhaps if you are a tractor salesman from Bumhole Arkansas!
The floor show at the old Circus Circus was more tear inducing IMO.

Mrs Smith said...

I agree with you, BB... I imagine having to spend time in a place with a giant clown outside, and $3 buffets would easily reduce one to tears. Save your money! One day you could afford to eat somewhere that doesn't have plastic cutlery.

Barnsley Bill said...

No argument re the clown outside, the floor show however was magnificent when i saw it as a much younger man. I just find it amusing when somebody so normally witty waxes poetic about Las Vegas.