Friday, March 16, 2007


What a trying day I have had! Still – nothing that lashings of alcohol can’t fix. We are going out later, so I have decided to do some warm-up drinking exercises first. We’re out of wine, so have rummaged around in the fridge, and found all I need to make... the Chi-Chi.

One cup vodka
Half a cup of light coconut cream
One cup pineapple juice.

Most cocktail books will tell you that there should be four times as much pineapple juice as vodka – this is nonsense. My recipe is far better. This quantity will pretty much fill the cocktail shaker, which doesn’t leave much room to give it all a shake, but do so anyway. No need to add ice; I keep all these ingredients in the fridge, so they are already chilled. I serve it in a martini glass.

I’m having my second one. I’m surprised I can still type.


unPC lesbian said...

Forget the ice, making ice cubes is the childs never know whats in there. Keep high octane beverages in the freezer, no need for ice ever.

Current fave....equal measures of
Vanilla vodka and
Butterscotch schnapps

Mix together, consume...

Anonymous said...

I once had a drummer come and stay on my couch in London while his band produced an album in Crouch End. He is a notorious drinker, and one evening, very out of mixers, we tried vodka and gravy.

It tasted vile, particularly the last little bit in the cup, as it was all lumpy...