Friday, March 02, 2007

Unconditional Love

I have a friend, who stands by me, no matter what.

I admit I treat her very badly; I can’t really be bothered ringing her, so haven’t spoken to her in about four months. Still, she dutifully calls every so often, leaving a message on my machine, wondering how I am, and if I would like to catch up some time. Every time, I promise myself I will call, but then forget.

When I do eventually get around to seeing her again, I will apologise for my lack of contact, and claim, "I have just been so busy!" An absolute lie; no-one is that busy - not for four solid months, and when she rang yesterday, I was actually lying on the couch watching my Dallas DVDs. I paused the DVD, listened to her message, but couldn't be bothered answering the phone.

Still, when I do see her again, she will be delighted to see me, and there will be no accusations of rudeness. Some people think this kind of unwavering regard for another, is the ultimate goal of a relationship. Friends and lovers should be loved for who they are, not what they do. They call it unconditional love.

What rot. I call it low self-esteem.


Ms Klake said...

If it weren't for people like this I would have no friends. In fact sometimes I'm surprised that I do, since making contact and regular communication is an alien concept to me.

Cactus Kate said...

I find women like this are domestically abused by men. So if you don't physically abuse her then she deems you desirable to her rotter at home which is why she is so nice to you. You haven't hit her.

stef said...

Friendships based on 'the rules?' Either way you'd think your friend would have finally got the message and found someone else to be nice to.

Mrs Smith said...

You are right, Steph. I had rather hoped she would give up after a certain amount of neglect. However, she is persistent, and Kate's comment has made me feel horribly guilty. I suppose I'll have to ring her.

Cactus Kate said...

Ask her straight out if her partner is abusing her.

Problem is on the 99.9% chance he is, you will have to then deal with all the issues relating.

This is when I get the number out for the various abuse agencies that are professionals in dealing with such matters.

I bet you a Cosmopolitan that she's getting the bash. Either physically or mentally.

george said...

The word is 'unkindness'.

Anonymous said...

Bah, she is just the happy puppy who take the attention she can get. Some people have that personality. Cactus is seeing too much into it for once.

Mrs Smith said...

That's a bit harsh, George. She isn't unkind, just dull. I'm with Anonymous here - I think Kate may owe me a Cosmo, but will report back if I find anything out.