Monday, March 26, 2007

Rob and David

I have been gone for an entire week; I am sure there has been much crying, wailing, and rending of clothes. I did half wonder if it was worth keeping the blog going - I read over some of my entries and thought it an awful load of rubbish. But ego springs eternal, and I am back.

Last week, I was walking along Ponsonby Road, when I noticed that Mr Sparrow's lovely daub of Her Majesty had been mostly painted over. I thought this a shame, and was a little sad. However, I walked past the location on the weekend, and like a phoenix arising from the flames - the indomitable Rob Muldoon has sprung forth in her place. The remainder of the Queen peeks over the top.

Just to keep the Great Unwashed happy, an unknown artist presents an effigy from the Dark Side in a car-park on Symonds Street.


Seamonkey Madness said...

Thanks for this Mrs Smith.

Being an afficianado of stencils myself, I detest the toys that ruin the landscape with random scribbling. I use the analogy of ER medics and OR surgeons. Medics (taggers) are sloppy, messy and do a job good enough to keep you alive, whereas surgeons (stencilers) are the top of the heap, use scapels with fine precision and generally make the best of a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh do keep the blog going!
There is a lttle voyuer in us all who love to see how the repressed minority live. :)

Mrs Smith said...

You are welcome, Seamonkey. Stencils are great. I would love to do one myself.

Anonymous - thank-you for the encouragement. I will continue for the time being, with performing my civic duties of fertilising public gardens, and educating NZ about the plight of the JAFA.