Monday, March 05, 2007

Sin at Soul

Cactus Kate is quite right. The cocktail menu at Soul is a cracker. I’m very fond of Sin, so indulged heartily, as always.

The Sin cocktail consists of Black Doris plums and strawberries, blended with Absolut raspberry vodka, and lime and passionfruit juice.

Bluff oysters, freshly shucked, too. Life is grand.


Cactus Kate said...

I don't joke about alcohol.

Having just dined at NSP in Parnell however I do look forward to thrashing it soundly in a review when I have time.

Mrs Smith said...

Sin was so bloody good everyone should rush down there right now have one. Your NSP review sounds thrilling, and no doubt, deserved.

Cactus Kate said...

When I get back to Chong Wong next week I promise I will sit down and review every place in Auckland I ate at. The list (from 6 days in the city):

Wine Loft
Dida's for breakfast
NSP in Parnell
Wang Thai
Quay West in room dining
Sky City Grande in room dining
Sushi Train
Auckland Club bar

Soul is of course the best and this has absolutely nothing to do with the lovely female owner who insists every time I attend to buy me a free drink.

And for the record "strawberry" is my favourite cocktail. Ask the barman to slap in accidentally some mint.