Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Mr Smith and I went overseas last year. I had someone house-sit while we were away, and I remember as I left the house there was one apple left in our fruit bowl. Evidently, the house-sitter was not fond of fruit - the apple was still there when we returned, two months later. Curiously, the apple looked no different from when we left.

I put the apple to one side, and decided to see how long it would last before demonstrating some signs of decay or age (You see - I just don't have the time to work, or to ring annoying friends - I am far too busy watching my fruit).

Unfortunately, I forgot about my experiment, and the apple either got eaten, or thrown in the juicer. So in January, I chose another apple, and this time (to prevent accidental consumption) wrote the date on it.

Here is the apple, two months later. It has been kept in the kitchen, so has been subject to the ambient temperatures and humidity of an Auckland summer, yet looks no worse for the experience.

My dear readers will no doubt be enthralled by my ageless apple - I will post more pictures of it throughout the year, if I remember, and don’t accidentally eat it.

Whatever preservative they use on these apples, I wonder if it comes in a skin cream? If it does, I want some.


llew said...

Radiation is our friend.

llew said...

Actually, you should microwave a cold Big Mac for about 2 minutes - you'll be amazed how long it keeps preternaturally hot - hours!

Ms Klake said...

That's true about the Big Mac's. I did that recently and burnt my bloody lips and tongue. You've got to wonder what's in those burgers that prevents after microwave cooling?

Captain Crab said...

Go on, eat it. It may taste like pineapple now!

Oswald Bastable said...

I find the apples last longer if you juice them and ferment the juice!

I have not long finished the cider from two years ago. Last year was a disasterous season for my apple tree, but this year it is another bumper crop of scrumpy on the way.

Kublai Kahn said...

For readers left feeling frustrated by Mrs Smith's premature withdrawal of comments on the pineapple thread, relief is at hand.

pdm said...

I bet the apple would taste like crap if you ate it - all soft and mushy.

It may look okay but the inside will have detoriorated - fruit just doesn't keep these days. Even Granny Smiths which it looks like this apple is and in which case it will have been picked in about May last year.

30 years ago Granny Smith apples in perticular would keep for months and months and still taste the same. Now they are crap a few weeks after picking.

Mrs Smith said...

Gosh Kublai - while my sexual prowess has often been much admired, no-one has ever gone to the effort of doing research on my vagina. Creepy, but flattering.